Passion fruit and mango mousse sugarfree

15 Min.
279 kcal
SteviaSweet Crystal

This mousse made from passion fruit and mango is a melt-in-the-mouth treat – we’ve replaced the sugar with SteviaSweet Crystal.

Nutritional information per portion

Saved sugar calories

Preparation without sugar


  1. Six hours before preparing the dessert, or the day before, freeze 100 g of pureed mango in portions in an ice cube mould. Place the biscuits in a bag and crush into crumbs using a ladle or rolling pin.
  2. Place the yoghurt, cream cheese, SteviaSweet Crystal and vanilla in a bowl and blend with a hand mixer until smooth. Halve the passion fruits, remove the fruit flesh and add to the cream cheese mixture. Then add the double cream. Beat the mixture until frothy. Place in a piping bag.
  3. Divide the biscuit crumbs between six glasses. Place a mango ice cube in each glass. Pipe the passion fruit mousse into the glasses to cover the mango ice cube completely. Refrigerate the glasses for around an hour, so that the mango ice cubes melt slightly.
  4. Halve the remaining passion fruits and place the flesh in a bowl. Add the pureed mangos and SteviaSweet Crystal. Mix until smooth. Garnish the mousse with this mixture just before serving.

Ingredients for 6 portions

100 g pureed mango
100 g digestive biscuits
200 g fat-free Greek yoghurt
200 g plain cream cheese
3 tbsp SteviaSweet Crystal
1/2 tsp ground vanilla
2 passion fruits
100 ml double cream (38 %)

To serve

3 passion fruits
50 g pureed mango
1 tbsp SteviaSweet Crystal