Sugar-free Asian coleslaw

25 min.
82 kcal
SteviaSweet Crystal


1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp ginger
1 medium-hot chilli pepper
1 lime (juice)
2 tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil
0.5 tbsp SteviaSweet Crystal


2 large carrots
1 small white cabbage (600 g)
5 spring onions
1 pot fresh coriander


  1. Start by preparing the dressing. Peel and finely chop the garlic and ginger.
  2. Slice the chilli into rings and press the juice out of the lime.
  3. Combine all ingredients for the dressing and mix well.
  4. Peel the carrots and cut into thin strips lengthways using a peeler or peeling knife.
  5. Cut white cabbage into strips and slice the green onion into rings.
  6. Add the dressing to the vegetables, pick off the coriander leaves and sprinkle them over the salad.
  7. Mix everything together well and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Serve with tacos or a barbecue.

Nutritional information per portion

82 kcal
347 kJ
3.5 Protein in g
12 Carbohydrates in g
2.5 Fat in g
10 Saved sugar calories