Sugar-free recipes

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Feeling good and guilt-free while sipping your favourite sweetened hot drink – no problem with SteviaSweet products. Instead of sugar, we use steviol glycoside extracted from the stevia plant as a sweetener. This means you can use our sugar substitute in the same way you’re used to using regular sugar.

The key advantage of steviol glycoside is that it contains no calories. You save calories every day, which has a positive effect on your weight. Plus, compared to sugar, stevia is easier on your teeth and has no effect on your blood sugar levels. Even diabetics, vegans and people on a low-carb diet can enjoy our products without hesitation.

Is baking your passion? Don’t forget to try our SteviaSweet Crystal product. With our simple and easy baking recipes, you can create sophisticated pastries and treats in no time, with no regrets, which can also be suitable for diabetics. Of course, you can also use our sugar substitutes for your very own creations in baking or cooking. Let our recipes inspire you. For example, how about homemade and 100% sugar-free energy bars? Or a fruity pear tart with no sugar? As a gift or for yourself, you can also bake fluffy and delicious chocolate chip cookies in no time with our tried and tested recipe.

For each recipe, you’ll find a list of all the ingredients needed, a detailed description of how to make them and the nutritional values and preparation time of the finished recipe at a glance. You can also click on the products we use and have various options for sharing, sending and printing the recipe directly.

In our Adviser section you will find lots of exciting information about stevia. If you want to get started in the world of stevia, we recommend our educational article on “What is stevia?“. If you have further questions, we have already answered many of them on our FAQ page, but we are always available to answer them personally. Feel free to contact our experts by email.